PHP Programming Contests - February- March 2006 - No. 10

Please note this contest ended Wednesday 1st March 2006 at 23.59 (GMT).

Contest 10 (PHP Texas Holdem Poker)
PHP Texas Holdem Poker - Programming Contest

Poker is everywhere these days, the web booming with poker sites, new TV channels are popping up and book stores have hundreds of books on the game (or sport as it's sometimes called now). To add to this I even got a Texas Holdem Poker set for a Christmas present :) - but I only play for match sticks just for fun, real money gambling is a mugs game.... right?. OK and now to the contest at hand....

Basically you should create a game script using PHP as the server-side language. Texas Holdem rules should apply (see below for information on finding the rules of game play). Your script must allow user interaction to complete the game as per the rules; it should include shuffling the deck, dealing of cards, bets, and calculate the winning hand. You can make it multiplayer or single player (i.e. one human player and the computer as player two). The betting rules are not strict; you can choose pot limit, no limit or any other common betting rules.

Who can enter?

Allowed languages: PHP for server-side. DOM/JavaScript for client-side (must run on IE and Firefox)
Disallowed Scripts: Anything else not listed above (not sure, then ask in the forums!!)

Closing Date:
All entries in by Wednesday 1st March 2006 at 23.59 (GMT)

Send your entry (including scripts) to please include a text file 'contact.txt' with your forum username, Full Name and Email Address. Submissions should be zipped. Please also post a message in the contest forum stating you just submitted and entry!!

Rules and Restrictions:
Must run on Linux (Windows/Apache also preferred, but not essential)
Must run with PHP4.3.4 (register globals off)
No third party PHP extensions ( other than ones supplied with php 4.3.4 on, GD is fine though )
All code must be written by you!!
A Demo site link would help a lot with initial testing!!
PHP-Editors will aim to publish the winning scripts on this site for visitors to play and download. Please don't submit a script we cannot show.... but you can define your own license. Authors will be given 100% credit on this site.

First Prize: Nusphere PhpEd - more details
more prizes may follow!!

Texas Holdem Rules:
If you do not know how to play Texas Holdem style poker, please search the web for details. The game is actually pretty easy to learn, you should make sure you understand the rules fully before starting this contest. There is millions of website on the game out there so go look for some - of visit your local library and borrow a book!! Just don't tell people you got hooked on the game after reading about this contest (unless you win big time).

Contest 10 Winner

Winner: Barry A Andrew - Code and online demo available soon.

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