Contest 5 (Wacky Syntax)
Wacky Syntax

This contest is a little different from any previous ones and is open to all levels of programming competence. I wanted to have a contest that is real fun and covers both programming techniques and programming creativity. Not an easy task as everyone's perception of fun varies. I believe I have a contest that has it all!!!

Syntax is a big thing in programming (obviously); people have their own little ways of coding (if the language allows it). In this contest you are going to invent your own syntax (you read it correctly). For example instead of having 'if ($myvar == 1) { $that = "one"; }' you could write '&[^myvar 1]^that one'. Yes that is crazy, wacky, call it what you like. The thing about this contest is you do not have to stick to conventions or logic for that matter. This is a fun thing and allows any style wacky or not so wacky.

The object is to invent your own syntax that gets converted to standard PHP syntax. You should try and make it as different as possible from standard PHP.

Your script will display a 'textarea' form input that acts as the scripting interface. You will have a manual or key to your invented syntax, available to this page (either linked or contained). You must provide 4 separate example scripts (invented syntax scripts) that can be used in your scripting interface. Example scripts (invented syntax scripts) should be stored in separate files named example_1.txt through example_4.txt. When an example is submitted through the scripting interface your script should return both the converted script (true PHP code) and the output of the example (true PHP code executed). (If it's not possible to show the execution of your syntax, then just retrun the true PHP). You can return the code and execution in separate browser windows if you desire. The scripting interface must also allow custom scripting, provided that it fits with your provided manual/key. You do not have to transfer the entire PHP language; this would be a huge project and is not what this contest is all about. You should just create your own areas of PHP (some commands, some structures, etc) that fit your chosen examples.

I intent to set-up live examples of all suitable submissions so please try and keep it as pleasing to the eye as possible. This does not mean add lots of fancy graphics though! If you need to use style sheets, please prefix classes so it will not interfere with the php-editors site.

There will be many prizes this time. Prizes will be given to the best in each category. Categories are as follows:

  • Complexity
  • Wackiest
  • Cleverest
  • Funniest
  • Elegance

Closing Date:
All entries in by Wednesday 8th October 2003 at 23.59 (GMT)

Send your entry (including scipts) to please include a text file 'contact.txt' with your forum username, Full Name and Email Address. Submissions should be zipped.

Rules and Restrictions:
Must run on Windows, and Unix systems
Must run with PHP4.2 (register globals off)
No third party PHP extensions ( other than ones supplied with php 4.2 on )
Maximum execution time 60 seconds.
All code must be writen by you !!


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