PHP Programming Contests - January - February 2004 - No. 6

Please note this contest ended February 29th @ 23.59.

Contest 6 (Reviewer System)
Reviewer System

I thought about starting back these contests with a nice hard algorithm type one (the usual), but instead decided to go for something more useful. It's more useful to the PHP-Editors site and obviously to you also (you win prizes and see your work on a popular site!!).

So what is this useful contest?

Well what is required is a new editors reviewer system for this site, I was going to start building one but instead thought it would be very interesting to let you build it. All credit will be given to the winner(s) as well as all the prizes :).

Im looking for a system that can give initial review details (Editor Name, Version, Platform, License, Cost, URL, Any limitation on shareware versions, Editor summary and screenshots). I want site users to have the ability to submit new editors (to be validated or edited by the admin [me]) and be able to edit them in the future. I also want the rating system to work based on site user ratings (ratings should be limited to 1 per IP address). No limit programmers, so you can get your buddies to help you (and you can split the prizes, if you like). Please use MySQL for the database (if you decide to use a database that is). That's the basics of it.... if you can think of anything else then great!! any queries should be asked in the sites forum.

Closing Date:
All entries in by Sunday 29th February 2004 at 23.59 (GMT)

Send your entry (including scipts) to please include a text file 'contact.txt' with your forum username, Full Name and Email Address. Submissions should be zipped. Please also post a message in the contest forum stating you just submitted and entry!!

Rules and Restrictions:
Must run on Linux
Must run with PHP4.3.4 (register globals off)
No third party PHP extensions ( other than ones supplied with php 4.3.4 on, GD is fine though )
All code must be writen by you !!


Contest 6 Winner

Winner: RaphaŽl Pellicier - Demo Site

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