PHP Programming Contests - May - June 2004 - No. 9

Please note this contest ended Saturday 12th June 2004 at 23.59 (GMT).

Contest 9 (Online PHP Editor Part2)
Online PHP Editor Part2

If you are a regular on this site you will probably remember a contest we ran about 2 months or so back called 'Online PHP Editor'. Well it's back!!

More details about the contest
In the last Online PHP Editor contest we ran, we got perhaps 4 entries, but sadly none of them were in a complete or stable state. Some had all the basics but the best parts were left incomplete :( or no basics and only cool things. Anyway, they all looked very promising and most entrants stated they would be continuing to work on the editors. So that's what this contest is all about, we want to get the finished, more advanced and stable versions. There is one major change in this contest* We are not looking for systems writen mainly in PHP this time, we are looking for systems writen to handle PHP!! so this time around dig out those old Javascript books :) Some might not like this, but lets face it client-side scripting can come in handy. Some of the ideas from the previous contest where things like 'syntax coloring live editor window with line numbering, code completion, code validation' some of these things are just not possible without client-side scripting. Remember the editor must run in a browser window (using the http protocol).

Who can enter?
Anyone can enter, it's not limited to entrants of the first Editor contest. Although please only try and have a complete and stable application for this one.

Allowed Script: DHTML/JavaScript and PHP.
Disallowed Scripts: Java, JSP, ASP, ColdFusion, etc... (not sure, then ask in the forums!!)

Closing Date:
All entries in by Saturday 12th June 2004 at 23.59 (GMT)

Send your entry (including scripts) to please include a text file 'contact.txt' with your forum username, Full Name and Email Address. Submissions should be zipped. Please also post a message in the contest forum stating you just submitted and entry!!

Rules and Restrictions:
Must run on Linux (Windows/Apache also prefered, but not essential)
Must run with PHP4.3.4 (register globals off)
No third party PHP extensions ( other than ones supplied with php 4.3.4 on, GD is fine though )
All code must be writen by you !!
A Demo site link would help a lot with initial testing!!


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Contest 9 Winner

Winner: Ondrej Fischer - View Full Results.

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