(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

fdf_get_attachment -- Extracts uploaded file embedded in the FDF


array fdf_get_attachment ( resource fdf_document, string fieldname, string savepath )

Extracts a file uploaded by means of the "file selection" field fieldname and stores it under savepath. savepath may be the name of a plain file or an existing directory in which the file is to be created under its original name. Any existing file under the same name will be overwritten.

Note: There seems to be no other way to find out the original filename but to store the file using a directory as savepath and check for the basename it was stored under.

The returned array contains the following fields:

  • path - path were the file got stored

    size - size of the stored file in bytes

    type - mimetype if given in the FDF

Example 1. Storing an uploaded file

= fdf_open_string($HTTP_FDF_DATA);
$data = fdf_get_attachment($fdf, "filename", "/tmpdir");
"The uploaded file is stored in $data[path]";

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