xdiff_file_diff_binary --  Make binary diff of two files


bool xdiff_file_diff_binary ( string file1, string file2, string dest )

xdiff_file_diff_binary() makes binary diff of files file1 and file2 and stores result in file dest. This function works with both text and binary files. Resulting file is in binary format.

Note: Both files will be loaded into memory so ensure that your memory_limit is set high enough.

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

Example 1. xdiff_file_diff_binary() example

The following code makes binary diff of two archives.

= 'my_script_1.0.tgz';
$new_version = 'my_script_1.1.tgz';

xdiff_file_diff_binary($old_version, $new_version, 'my_script.bdiff');

See also xdiff_string_diff_binary().

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