(PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PECL)

yaz_hits -- Returns number of hits for last search


int yaz_hits ( resource id [, array searchresult] )

yaz_hits() returns the number of hits for the last search.



The connection resource returned by yaz_connect().


Result array for detailed search result information.

Return Values

Returns the number of hits for the last search or 0 if no search was performed.

The search result array (if supplied) holds information that is returned by a Z39.50 server in the SearchResult-1 format part of a search response. The SearchResult-1 format can be used to obtain information about hit counts for various parts of the query (subquery). In particular, it is possible to obtain hit counts for the individual search terms in a query. Information for first subquery is in $array[0], second subquery in $array[1], and so forth.

Table 1. searchresult members

idSub query ID2 (string)
countResult count / hits (integer)
subquery.termSub query term (string)
interpretation.termInterpretated sub query term (string)
recommendation.termRecommended sub query term (string)

Note: The SearchResult facility requires PECL YAZ 1.0.5 or later and YAZ 2.1.9 or later.

Note: Very few Z39.50 implementations support the SearchResult facility.

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