Sambar Server on Microsoft Windows

Sambar Server on Microsoft Windows

This section contains notes and hints specific to the Sambar Server for Windows.

Note: You should read the manual installation steps first!

This list describes how to set up the ISAPI module to work with the Sambar server on Windows.

  • Find the file called mappings.ini (in the config directory) in the Sambar install directory.

  • Open mappings.ini and add the following line under [ISAPI]:

    Example 6-7. ISAPI configuration of Sambar

    #for PHP 4
    *.php = c:\php\php4isapi.dll
    #for PHP 5
    *.php = c:\php\php5isapi.dll
    (This line assumes that PHP was installed in c:\php.)

  • Now restart the Sambar server for the changes to take effect.

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