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NuSphere PHPEd

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award winning PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for PHP, provides a flexible, easy-to-use platform for developing web sites using PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, C++, CSS style sheets, and HTML. PHPEd also provides streamlined functionality for debugging code, publishing projects to remote servers through FTP and WebDAV, working with SOAP servers, and integrating with repository-based code management systems such as CVS. PHPEd is suitable for multiple developers and very large projects.

NuSphere PHPEd is included as a component of NuSphere PHPEd Advantage with upgrades and efficient, responsive support for a whole year.

NuSphere PHPEd includes a number of enhanced functionalities that will increase your flexibility and productivity in creating dynamic web applications.

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Features that are necessary to notice:

Project manager

  • The new project manager with more comfortable structure, functionality and design.
  • Now Project Manager structure is different, all projects are related to WorkSpaces, one WorkSpace can have few Projects.
  • You can publish whole project, folders or files using shortcut or context menu of project manager.
  • CVS (SSH+CVS) new project structure is very comfortable to work using CVS, now users will be less confused about CVS. Project structure will be exactly same as it is on server.
  • Compatibility all old project files are automatically converted to new structure without loss of any data. New project manager became more comfortable and simple.

Color-Coding Text in NuSphere PHPEd

PHPEd comes with a predefined color scheme for each coding language (PHP, HTML, CSS, ASP, Perl, SQL, JavaScript, and C++). When you view your HTML or PHP code in the Editor area, you will find that particular parts of your syntax are displayed in colors. Colors can be set for white spaces, strings, comments, numbers, variables, HTML tags, executable code, delimiters, reserved words, and the like.

Running and Debugging Files

NuSphere PHPEd allows you to quickly find syntax and logic errors in your code, and provides powerful functionality for stepping through code, setting breakpoints, and watching variables. The debugger can be run in three different modes: in CGI mode which uses the local PHP engine to parse .php files without a web server; in local HTTP mode which debugs code through PHPEd's internal web server; or in remote HTTP mode which debugs code on an external web server, such as Apache, that may be located locally or remotely.

NuSphere automatically configures all PHP interpreter information for you when you first install the NuSphere Tech Platform, so if you have not altered the default server configuration, you should be able to run and debug PHP scripts immediately.

Remote Debugging

Functionality In PHPEd Settings -> Debugger tab in Debugger Mode dropdown is added 1 more line HTTP mode (remote web server), if Debugger Mode has this choice then all debugging will take action at remote server that is pointed in Project settings.

Managing Code Using CVS

CVS is a version control system that you can install from the NuSphere Technology Platform. CVS gives you the capability to record source file histories, and to save and retrieve software versions. CVS is useful to control development of code when multiple people are working on the same project. In addition to providing a CVS client and CVS access via PHPEd, NuSphere provides an installable CVS server if you do not already have one configured at your site.

Use of CVS with PHPEd is optional.

Publishing Projects Using FTP and WebDAV

NuSphere PHPEd provides FTP and WebDAV support so you can upload and download scripts and files to one or more FTP or WebDAV servers. You can define where and how files are uploaded when you set up the properties for your project. You can upload a project, a group of files, or a single file.

NuSOAP Wizard

NuSOAP Wizard generates php code to get data from SOAP Based Servers, This is really helpful tool to work with SOAP technologies.

PHPEd Engine

Now PHPEd Design became more comfortable and got more professional look. Help Tips, Hints and PHP function help became more powerful. There where a lot of bugs fixed and now PHPEd became more stable. In PHPEd 3.1 settings got a lot of new features, such as debugging in the external browser and pointing to the php help manual that will be automatically parsed and poped up when known function is used. PHPEd debugging now supports up to PHP 4.3.1 and has more stable engine including DBG and SRV Engines.

Key features of NuSphere PHPEd 3.2 include:

Platform Integration

  • Available on Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • Native support for the PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

Code Editor

  • Allows you to work with PHP, HTML, Perl, Javascript, Python, C++, and other programming languages in one editing environment.
  • Performs delimiter matching, book marking, find and replace, clipboard, and variable and function pop-up hints.
  • Provides color-coded statements and variables.
  • Lets you easily view MySQL tables, and modify and update tables using forms generated with the database forms wizard.
  • Allows you to execute scripts and pass parameters within the editor and see the results either as HTML or as a browser.

Integrated Code Debugger

  • Easily and quickly find syntax and logic errors.
  • View PHP, HTML, and browser output, as well as watching global, local, and immediate variables.
  • Remote debugging of code on external servers.


  • Profiles performance of code.
  • Lets you see where code runs slowly.
  • Tracks code execution time per hit, number of hits, and total time.
  • Charts and compares total execution time against time per hit.

Integrated Web server

  • Support for URL mapping.
  • Integrated Web browser.
  • Integrated Web search utility.

Code Completion

  • Tracks, stores, and recommends variable names and uses them when needed.
  • Tags can be auto completed and auto closed.
  • Suggests context-sensitive HTML tags and parameters.
  • Suggests functions and provides context-sensitive help with functions.
  • Code templates and scripts speed creation of common structures.
  • Fully customizable.

Project Management

  • Workspace functionality allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Each project has its own set of files and folders, and its own code management and publishing settings.
  • Provides CVS feature to check code in and out of repositories.
  • WebDAV permits file-locking to ease multi-programmer development.

Database Connection

  • Browse and edit databases without leaving PHPEd.
  • Test and execute SQL queries and statements.
  • Create forms to view, modify, and update database tables using the automated Wizard.
  • Cut and paste table names into code.

SOAP Wizard

Easily generate PHP script for calling SOAP services.


  • Built-in WebDAV client lets you coordinate file publishing with other developers.
  • Built-in FTP client lets you quickly retrieve and place files on remote servers.
  • Easy to coordinate local projects with remote web sites.
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