PHP Classes - Top Reviewers Contest

PHP Classes - Top Reviewers Contest!!

For the duration of January, 2022 PHP-Editors and PHP Classes will be working together to bring you a new contest. The rules are simple: Visit PHP Classes and download, test and review PHP Classes. The users that review the most classes will win a prize. Fantastic!!.
(Only genuine review/ratings will be included in the contest, no cheating is allowed.)

PHP Classes is a widely known website which has tens of thousands of regular users all waiting to use and vote for your classes.

It is encouraged that all entrants join our forums (if not already), the benefits include the latest information on our contests, questions and answers, and general PHP help. If you would like a monthly contest update and news on new contests, then please sign-up to our newsletter.



Closing Date: - 31th January 2022 @ midnight

[ This contest will run every month ]

Visit PHP Classes and start reviewing today!!!

Top Reviewers - Leader Board

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