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 Arthas was pushing - aion power leveling 
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Post Arthas was pushing - aion power leveling
Arthas was pushing his men too hard and he knew it, but time was a precious resource and could
not be squandered. He felt a tug of guilt when he saw Jaina chewing on some dried meat as they rode.
The Light refreshed him when he worked with it; magi drew on energies, and he knew that
Jaina was exhausted after the superb she had put forth earlier. But there was no time for rest, not
when thousands of lives depended upon their actions.
He’d been sent on a mission to out what was going on and stop it. The mystery was starting to
unravel, but he was beginning to doubt his ability to halt the plague. Nothing was as easy as it had
looked at. Still, Arthas would not give up. Could not give up. He had vowed to do whatever it
took to stop this, to save his people, and so he would.
They saw and smelled the smoke rising in the sky before they reached the gates of Andorhal. Arthas
hoped that if the town had burned, then maybe at least the grain had been destroyed as well, and then
felt a twinge of guilt at the callousness of the thought. He buried it in action, kicking his mount hard
and riding through the gates,Khadgar hesitated, and Medivh’s disapproval zxcchcoshi deepened, a storm gathering on his face. “What is the
matter, Young Trust?”
“We should clean up our mess,” said Khadgar, trying aion power levelingto be light. “Don’t want to make Moroes work
too hard. We will catch up.”
“Negotiation aion power leveling is not part of an apprentice’s duties,” said Medivh. “Now come here at once.”
No one moved. Garona said, “Why doesn’t he come into the room?”
Why indeed,thought aion power leveling Khadgar. Instead he said, “One question, Master?”
“What now?” grunted the master mage.
“Why did you visit aion power leveling the orc Gul’dan’s dreams?” said Khadgar, feeling his throat tighten as he asked,
“Why did you show the orcs how to come to this world?”
Medivh’s glare aion power leveling shifted to Garona. “I was unaware Gul’dan told you of me. He didn’t strike me as being
unwise, or a chatterbox.” expecting to be assaulted at any moment.
Around them buildings burned, black smoke stinging his eyes and making him cough. Through
tear- eyes he peered around. There were no villagers, but neither were there any undead. What was—
“I believe you have come looking for me, children,” came a smooth voice. The wind shifted, driving
the smoke in a direction, and Arthas could now see a black- robed standing only a short
distance away. Arthas tensed. This, then, was the leader. The necromancer was smiling now, his face
dimly glimpsed in the shadow of his hood, a smirk that Arthas burned to cut his face. Beside him
were two of his pet undead. “You’ve found me. I am Kel’Thuzad.”
Jaina gasped in recognition at the name, and her hand to her mouth. Arthas spared her a quick
glance, then returned his full attention to the speaker. He gripped his hammer tightly.
“I’ve come to deliver a warning,” said the necromancer. “Leave well enough alone. Your curiosity
will be the death of you.”

“I thought this magic taint felt familiar!” It was Jaina, her voice shaking with outrage. “You were
disgraced, Kel’Thuzad, precisely for your experiments along this line! We told you it would lead to
disaster. And you have learned nothing!”
“Lady Jaina Proudmoore,” Kel’Thuzad purred. “Looks like Antonidas’s little apprentice is all grown
up. And quite the contrary my dear…as you can see, I have learned a great deal.”
“I saw the rats you experimented with!” Jaina cried. “That was bad enough—but now you—”
“Have furthered my research and perfected it,” Kel’Thuzad answered.
“Are you responsible for this plague, necromancer?” Arthas shouted. “Is this cult your doing?”
Kel’Thuzad turned to him, his eyes glittering in the shadow of his cowl. “I ordered the Cult of the
Damned to distribute the plagued grain. But the sole credit is not mine.”
Before Arthas could speak, Jaina had burst out, “What do you mean?”
“I serve the dreadlord Mal’Ganis. He commands the Scourge that will cleanse this land and
establish a paradise of eternal darkness!”
A chill swept over Arthas despite the heat of the surrounding at the tone of the man’s voice. He
did not know what a “dreadlord” was, but the meaning of “Scourge” was clear. “And what exactly is this
Scourge meant to cleanse?”

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