More Editors

Not all these editors are PHP specific, but all are suitable for PHP programming.
If you know any editors that are not on this list (or the search), please tell us.

Ace HTML Windows Commercial, Freeware

Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac

Arisesoft Winsyntax Windows Freeware
BBEdit Mac

Commercial, Shareware, Freeware

HTML Beauty++ Windows Freeware
Code Crusader Unix, Linux Commercial
Code-Genie Windows Shareware
Coffee Cup Windows Commercial
Con TEXT Windows Freeware
Crimson Windows Freeware
Cute HTML Windows Commercial
Eddie BeOS Freeware
Edit Plus Windows Shareware
EditPad Pro Windows Commercial, Shareware, Freeware
Emacs Windows, Unix, Linux Freeware
GWD Windows Commercial
HAPedit Windows Freeware
HotDog Windows Commercial
Jane BUILDER Windows, Mac Commercial
Jed Windows, Unix, Linux Freeware
jEdit Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac Freeware
Jext Windows, Unix, Linux Freeware
Kate Linux Freeware
Komodo Windows, Linux Commercial, Freeware
KPHPDevelop Linux Freeware
Maguma Windows Commercial, Freeware
Multi-Edit Windows Commercial
Namo Web Editor Windows Commercial
Nedit Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac Freeware
Note Tab Windows Commercial, Freeware
Primal SCRIPT Windows Commercial
Programmers Notepad Windows Freeware
Scrip Worx Windows Freeware
Sitepad Windows Commercial
Slick Edit Windows, Unix, Linux
Text Pad Windows Commercial
Ultra Edit Windows Shareware
Zeus Windows Commercial, Freeware

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