Debugger Protocol

Debugger Protocol

The PHP 3 debugger protocol is line-based. Each line has a type, and several lines compose a message. Each message starts with a line of the type start and terminates with a line of the type end. PHP 3 may send lines for different messages simultaneously.

A line has this format:

date time host(pid) type: message-data


Date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd)


Time including microseconds: hh:mm:uuuuuu


DNS name or IP address of the host where the script error was generated.


PID (process id) on host of the process with the PHP 3 script that generated this error.


Type of line. Tells the receiving program about what it should treat the following data as:

Table E-1. Debugger Line Types

start Tells the receiving program that a debugger message starts here. The contents of data will be the type of error message, listed below.
messageThe PHP 3 error message.
location File name and line number where the error occurred. The first location line will always contain the top-level location. data will contain file:line. There will always be a location line after message and after every function.
framesNumber of frames in the following stack dump. If there are four frames, expect information about four levels of called functions. If no "frames" line is given, the depth should be assumed to be 0 (the error occurred at top-level).
function Name of function where the error occurred. Will be repeated once for every level in the function call stack.
end Tells the receiving program that a debugger message ends here.


Line data.

Table E-2. Debugger Error Types

DebuggerPHP 3 Internal
unknown(any other)

Example E-1. Example Debugger Message

1998-04-05 23:27:400966 start: notice
1998-04-05 23:27:400966 message: Uninitialized variable
1998-04-05 23:27:400966 location: (null):7
1998-04-05 23:27:400966 frames: 1
1998-04-05 23:27:400966 function: display
1998-04-05 23:27:400966 location: /home/ssb/public_html/test.php3:10
1998-04-05 23:27:400966 end: notice


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