(PHP 3 CVS only)

sesam_execimm -- Execute an "immediate" SQL-statement


string sesam_execimm ( string query )

Returns: A SESAM "result identifier" on success, or FALSE on error.

sesam_execimm() executes an "immediate" statement (i.e., a statement like UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE which returns no result, and has no INPUT or OUTPUT variables). "select type" queries can not be used with sesam_execimm(). Sets the affected_rows value for retrieval by the sesam_affected_rows() function.

Note that sesam_query() can handle both "immediate" and "select-type" queries. Use sesam_execimm() only if you know beforehand what type of statement will be executed. An attempt to use SELECT type queries with sesam_execimm() will return $err["sqlstate"] == "42SBW".

The returned "result identifier" can not be used for retrieving anything but the sesam_affected_rows(); it is only returned for symmetry with the sesam_query() function.

= "INSERT INTO mytable VALUES ('one', 'two')";
$result = sesam_execimm($stmt);
$err = sesam_diagnostic();
"sqlstate = " . $err["sqlstate"] . "\n".
"Affected rows = " . $err["rowcount"] . " == " .
sesam_affected_rows($result) . "\n";

See also sesam_query() and sesam_affected_rows().

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