(PHP 3 CVS only)

sesam_rollback --  Discard any pending updates to the SESAM database


bool sesam_rollback ( void )

Returns: TRUE on success, FALSE on errors

sesam_rollback() discards any pending updates to the database. Also affected are result cursors and result descriptors.

At the end of each script, and as part of the sesam_disconnect() function, an implied sesam_rollback() is executed, discarding any pending changes to the database.

See also: sesam_commit().

Example 1. Discarding an update to the SESAM database

if (sesam_connect ("mycatalog", "myschema", "otto")) {
    if (
sesam_execimm ("INSERT INTO mytable VALUES (*, 'Small Test', <0, 8, 15>)")
sesam_execimm ("INSERT INTO othertable VALUES (*, 'Another Test', 1)")) {
    } else {

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