Database Wrapper Class: DB

6.4. Database Wrapper Class: DB

Table of Contents
pkey -- return the primary key of a table
get_databases -- get list of databases in the system
get_tables -- get list of tables in connected database
get_attnames -- return the attribute names of a table
get -- get a tuple from a database table
insert -- insert a tuple into a database table
update -- update a database table
clear -- clear a database table
delete -- delete a row from a table

pg module contains a class called DB. All pgobject methods are included in this class also. A number of additional DB class methods are described below. The preferred way to use this module is as follows (See description of the initialization method below.):

import pg

db = pg.DB(...)

for r in db.query(
    "SELECT foo,bar
       FROM foo_bar_table
      WHERE foo !~ bar"

    print '%(foo)s %(bar)s' % r

The following describes the methods and variables of this class.

The DB class is initialized with the same arguments as the pg.connect method. It also initializes a few internal variables. The statement db = DB() will open the local database with the name of the user just like pg.connect() does.

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