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Version: 2.10

License(s): Commercial

Price: 178 Euros ($261) + VAT (19.6% if applicable)

Platform(s): Windows

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PHP Edit Description

PHPEdit is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PHP designed for professional. Including advanced php related tools, powerful debugger (either DBG - see or XDebug - see and profiler, code beautifier, help integration, real time syntax checker, advanced keyboard templates and much more.

By using PHPEdit you will:

1. Develop Faster

Because PHPEdit contains several tools to increase your personal productivity like Syntax Highlighting, Code Hint, Code Insight, automatic Code Completion, Keyboard Templates, Quick Marks, Code Browser...

2. Enhance Quality

Using the debugger you will produce better software because you will be able to put breakpoints, step inside your code, watch variable content, check call stack and more. Using the profiler, you will tweak your application performances.

3. Make Your Life Easier

Because PHPEdit is fully customizable you can make it behave the way you want. You will not change the way you work, but you will work faster and easier because all your tools are just a shortcut away.

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For 89 Euros you get the fully licensed version.

There are also still FREE non-commercial versions available strictly for personal or edicational use.

Visit the PHP Edit Website.

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