Translation of PHP-Gtk applications

You want to distribute your PHP-Gtk application on your webpage and make it reach a large number of people. The only problem between your application and all the people is not the functionality; your app is perfect in this way: It is the language.

Even if some people don't or don't want to realize: There are lots of people out there which would use your program but don't speak your language or the language in which your program is. It would be nonsense to ignore them. The solution is easy: Translate the program. Just find a person who speaks the target language and who is willing to translate all the things your program contains.

But the next step: How do you - technically - translate your program?. There are many ideas how to do this:

This tutorial shows how to translate your apps the most easy way using the gettext extension of php. It covers normal string translation as well as the translation of glade files and shows a solution if the gettext extension is not available on the user's system.

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